Cheap Map Data

For many years mapping data for GIS professionals has been very expensive, with pricing aimed at large organisations and public-sector bodies with signficant budgets.  With these more prudent times, and the rise of the individual GIS professional, it has never been more imprtant to be able to download and use high quality, yet affordable, map data.  

Cheap Map Data

With no need for purchase orders, budget requests, invoices etc you can download and view a sample of the data immediately and then simply pay for the full product using PayPal or a credit card (no account required) and download your data instantly.

We offer the following data sets for instant download :

All data is avaliable in either single-user, server or Internet license and in either OSGB or WGS84 coordinate systems supplied as ESRI ShapeFile, MapInfo Tab or CSV (where appropriate).

With no locked-in update or maintenance contracts, and a perpetual license for every product downloaded, you are completely in the driving seat.  With no salesmen or 'account managers' hassling you to buy more than you need, or pressuring you to upgrade to a level you don't want Cheap Map Data is the ideal site to make your next GIS data purchase from.


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